Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology

ICMP’s Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology assistance forms a key part of the organization’s integrated scientific approach to searching for, recovering and identifying missing persons. ICMP has successfully supported thousands of site investigations and the resolution of many thousands of cases.

The Archaeology and Anthropology Assistance Program supports the investigation of crime scenes and mass and other clandestine graves and provides assistance in the search for, recovery, documentation, examination and analysis of mortal remains and evidence through the following activities:

  1. Desk based analysis and data integration to evaluate evidence and geo-spatial and temporal patterns to aid in locating possible sites for investigation;
  2. Analysis of aerial imagery and on-the-ground investigations to pinpoint site locations;
  3. Site investigations, including excavation, recovery and documentation of human remains and other evidence;
  4. Examination and processing of human remains, including mortuary management, anthropological assessment, documentation and the taking of samples for DNA testing;
  5. Case review for resolution of complex cases through the use of DNA matching, re-examination and follow-on analysis procedures; and
  6. Integration of analysis results and findings to assist with on-going investigations and the effective identification and closing of cases.

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