More than 80 people were reported missing in Montenegro as a result of the violence that accompanied the break-up of former Yugoslavia. Of these, 11 have been identified. Although the number of reported missing persons is not large, each case represents a tragedy for individual families and calls for an effective investigation by the authorities.

ICMP’s cooperation with Montenegro on missing persons issues began in 2001, when ICMP signed an agreement of cooperation with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, of which Montenegro was part at the time. ICMP and Montenego continued cooperation after Montenegro separated from Yugoslavia in 2006. The Montenegrin Commission on Missing Persons also actively participated in working meetings and conferences organized in Skopje in 2011 and in Milocer, Montenegro in 2013.

To strengthen forensic capacity in Montenegro with regard to missing persons, ICMP delivered a six-day training course for scientists from the Montenegro Forensic Center Police Directorate in October 2011 in Sarajevo and Tuzla.

ICMP welcomed the signing in April 2012 of an agreement on mutual cooperation in resolving the missing persons issue between Serbia and Montenegro.