Lord Peter Carrington – 6 June 1919 – 9 July 2018


Lord Peter Carrington, who died on 9 July, served as an ICMP Commissioner in 1996 and 1997, when the organization had just been established following the 1996 G-7 Summit in Lyon. Lord Carrington brought an unparalleled understanding of the Western Balkans, having chaired the European Peace Conference on Yugoslavia in 1991. As a former British Foreign Secretary, he was able to raise the profile of the missing persons issue, arguing eloquently and effectively that – with 40,000 people unaccounted for – efforts to achieve postwar stability would be severely undermined unless a systematic program was undertaken to account for those who were missing, regardless of religion, political affiliation or role in the conflict. Long after he ceased to be a Commissioner he continued to assist ICMP and to support efforts to account for missing persons around the world. He has been remembered, following his death at the age of 99, as a phlegmatic and quintessentially British diplomat. At ICMP, he is remembered for his conscientious approach to his role as a Commissioner and as an early champion of the families of the missing.