ICMP coordinates roundtable with Iraqi committee focused on accounting for missing persons in Sinjar

Baghdad, June 30 2021 – Representatives of the Federal Government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Yazidi community in Iraq discussed ongoing efforts to account for missing persons in Sinjar at a recent meeting coordinated by the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP).

The 22 June meeting of the Committee for the Nineveh Governorate as stipulated by Article Six of the Law on Mass Grave Affairs (Sinjar Committee Six), held in Erbil, addressed the importance of increased coordination, information sharing, and planning between members for joint work on mass graves in Sinjar.

Article Six of the Iraqi Law on Mass Graves Affairs mandates the establishment of intergovernmental committees when mass graves are found in Iraq. Several such committees, comprising members chosen with consideration of the mass graves’ locations, exist in Iraq.

The Sinjar Committee Six also discussed ways to communicate with the media and the return of remains in accordance with the Iraqi Law on Mass Graves Affairs, jurisdiction over mass and single graves and the issuance of death certificates for identified human remains.

Alexander Hug, the Head of ICMP’s Iraq Program, said the roundtable meeting aimed to strengthen coordination among involved authorities and stakeholders.

“Cooperation of this kind is an essential part of Iraq’s process to find all missing persons in the country, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or national background, the circumstances of their disappearance or their citizenship,” he said.

ICMP’s work in Iraq is currently supported by Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.

About ICMP

ICMP is a treaty-based intergovernmental organization with Headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands. Its mandate is to secure the cooperation of governments and others in locating missing persons from conflict, human rights abuses, disasters, organized crime, irregular migration and other causes and to assist them in doing so. It is tasked exclusively to work on the issue of missing persons.

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