ICMP Commissioner Wim Kok 1938-2018


The Hague, 21 October 2018 – ICMP Chair Thomas Miller today described the late Wim Kok as an individual whose leadership, advocacy and political stamina helped to place the issue of missing persons at the center of global policy. Mr Kok, who died on Saturday at the age of 80, had been a Commissioner of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) since 2002.

“Wim Kok was methodical and conscientious,” Ambassador Miller said. “He was not someone who wore his emotions on his sleeve, nor was he given to theoretical flights of fancy – he focused his prodigious energies on practical issues and it was this that enabled him to make such a significant contribution to ICMP’s ability to resolve missing persons cases around the world.”

Director-General Kathryne Bomberger said Wim Kok had helped to steer ICMP from its origins working exclusively in the Western Balkans to operating as an effective intergovernmental organization with programs all over the world.

“Wim Kok articulated a clear message that alerted policymakers to the need for a coordinated approach to the issue of missing persons,” she said today. “He was able to persuade policymakers and government leaders that accounting for the missing and upholding the rights of families of the missing are key elements in maintaining peace and security. He was a kind and often very gentle man who remained active and passionately committed to doing good right to the very end.”

Ambassador Miller and Ms Bomberger expressed condolences to Mr Kok’s family on behalf of the Commissioners and staff of ICMP.