BiH CoM Chairman Bevanda: Search for Missing Persons Will Help Reach Justice and Peace

Meeting of Bevanda, Ljubic and Bomberger

Meeting of Bevanda, Ljubic and Bomberger

22 January 2014: Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Vjekoslav Bevanda and the Minister for Refugees and Displaced Persons Damir Ljubic received today the Director General of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) Kathryne Bomberger.

During the discussion, the Chairman Bevanda and Minister Ljubic expressed their appreciation and their full support to the activities of ICMP in resolving the issue of missing persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mrs. Bomberger pointed out that the process of searching for missing persons in BiH is being carried out at the highest level and that she is impressed with the results so far. Bomberger said that in the past year, the number of located missing persons in BiH increased by around 50% percent in comparison to 2012, which was an outstanding result. She said that the work is ongoing on several large and individual locations and 11 mortuaries are under review. Bomberger stated that the results of the BiH Missing Persons Institute (MPI) are extraordinary and MPI can be a positive example for all countries with the heritage of an armed conflict.

The meeting also discussed possibilities for simplification of the management structure of the so that MPI can function in accordance with other institutions and work more efficiently.

Minister Ljubic said that an agreement proposal to accelerate the process of simplifying the management structure will be created soon and sent to the entity governments and the Council of Ministers of BiH.

It was agreed that the Director General Bomberger would hold a meeting with the Working Group in charge of making changes to the regulations concerning the MPI management structure, so she could brief them with the strategic objectives, activities and plans for the current year, in which the number of persons found is expected to significantly increase.

Chairman Bevanda expressed his belief that the overall process of finding missing persons will help bring lasting peace and justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.