Truth and Justice Are Antidotes to Violence and Hatred

On 7 July the Huffington Post published an opinion piece by ICMP Commissioner Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan describing the remarkable response of families of the missing in the years since the Srebrenica genocide. Queen Noor wrote that she has spent long periods over the last two decades in the company of the Mothers of Srebrenica, who are “among the bravest and most inspiring people it has ever been my privilege to meet.” She stressed that “they have refused to abandon the pursuit of justice, and they have refused to descend to the level of the men who murdered their fathers and husbands and sons: they have refused to hate.” She stressed that ICMP has responded to the horror of Srebrenica with effective strategies that use state of the art technology and foster the rule of law. “Each of the thousands of white headstones at Srebrenica bears a name. On 11 July there will be more than 100 burials of newly-identified bodies. The perpetrators of the massacre wanted to erase the presence of these people, to eliminate them from human memory. The victims’ bones were scattered. But the missing have been accounted for and the dead have been laid to rest. This is a powerful response to the genocide. It is part of the long, slow application of justice, the affirmation of truth, the constructive empathy that can mitigate the terrible pain still experienced by the bereaved.” The full text of Queen Noor’s article can be read here