More than 100 newly-identified bodies will be laid to rest

The International Business Times published an article on Srebrenica today written by ICMP Chairman Thomas Miller and ICMP Director-General Kathryne Bomberger, stressing that that “recognizing and communicating the nature and scale of the crime” is an indispensable basis for ensuring that it is not repeated. “The killers sought to hide the evidence of their crime with the utmost callousness, using mechanical diggers to exhume bodies and scatter them across multiple secondary graves that they believed would be difficult to detect,” Miller and Bomberger wrote. “In the process they commingled the bones of the dead in a way that they may have thought would make them impossible to identify. They sought to destroy the very identities of the people they had murdered. In the Western Balkans, ICMP has led a process that has made it possible to account for more than 70% of the missing, an unprecedented achievement. In the case of Srebrenica the ratio of identifications is even higher, 6,930 individuals, more than 90% of those reported missing. Through painstaking forensic archaeology and using the most sophisticated DNA-led identification techniques it has been possible to locate and re-associate thousands of human remains, so that the relatives of the dead can bury their loved ones with dignity and respect.” The full text of this article can be read here