Smilja Mitrović – President of the Association of Families of Missing Soldiers and Civilians of Semberija and Majevica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On leadership:

“I consider myself a good leader because I respect the people around me. Success in achieving the goals of my association has not harmed anyone.”

On achievements:

“I wish no harm to anyone.  No matter who the people are, they are still, first and foremost, human beings.

On challenges:

“Everything I do regarding the missing persons of the Republika Srpska in BiH is a challenge. There are many obstacles caused by individuals, but I have chosen to be persistent because of my love for my family and because of the people I respect – this is the key to my success on this difficult task.

Advice for female leaders:

“My advice to them is to respect core values, and the principles that flow from them – That way, they will surely succeed.”