Slavica Marinović, Union of Croatian Civilian Victims of the Homeland War, Croatia

On leadership:

“What makes me a good leader is my strength and motivation in achieving goals, the trust of the people I represent, knowledge of problems and perseverance in trying to solve them. Good leadership implies a democratic way of communicating and decision-making, teamwork, mutual trust, vision, planning and the ability to make decisions in challenging situations.”

On achievements:

“I am most proud of my endless enthusiasm and persistence in the context of establishing the valid legal framework that will offer the fairest legal solutions related to the rights of victims and families of missing persons.”

On challenges:

“Challenges are part of your daily work when dealing with the most sensitive issues. The first challenge in resolving the issue of missing persons is time, which is by no means an ally in this problem. Another challenge is the lack of concrete answers to difficult and sensitive questions and the lack of suitable legal frameworks to protect the rights of victims, which implies differentiating war victims from social cases. It is also a challenge to approach people in the right way, rationally but also empathetically.”

Advice for female leaders:

“My advice to other female leaders is to persevere in solving problems, to have the courage to fight for rights and justice, to have consistency in the strong messages they send and to best represent those whose voice must be heard. I also advise that they be determined in communication with the authorities in order to reach the best possible solutions. My final piece of advice is to be patient as they are on the path to the goal, because that path is very often complicated and long. Nevertheless, giving up is not an option.”