Miranda Fabiola Córdova, forensic expert, Mexico

On leadership:

“Good leadership inspires the team in the activities and the objectives pursued; a leader motivates productivity and proactivity; the search to improve methods and develop strategies; gives and receives feedback, seeks the improvement of each team member, including herself; identifies and channels the capabilities and emotions of her group in favor of the project; shares and teaches her experience; all this through example. Therefore, qualities such as responsibility, integrity, empathy and flexibility are key.”

On achievements:

“I am proud to lead the implementation of massively parallel sequencing in the state of Nuevo León, to participate in obtaining data that will allow us to apply this technology in the administration of justice. Above all, I feel proud to be able to learn, teach and motivate the team about sequencing, which is undoubtedly part of the near future in forensic genetics.”

On challenges:

“In the forensic area, as in many other disciplines, female personnel are unfortunately seen as a weak element, with ‘other priorities’ inherent to gender, which limits participation and discourages opinions. And yet we participate, we solve and we achieve. We are part of a great community that seeks wellbeing and justice for our societies, and as long as our communities need us we will be here, contributing and undertaking new endeavours.”

Advice for female leaders:

“To be able to approach tasks with leadership it is necessary to be aware of what you intend to do and how to achieve it, to have a strategy and to be able to anticipate possible difficulties. Being congruent, empathetic and having commitment, ethics and emotional intelligence and integrity will help inspire others. Last but not least: speak –  expressing your ideas, visions and opinions is really important. Have the confidence to express them. Success to all of you!”