Media Al Abdallah – manager of Adaleh Organization, a Turkey-based Syrian organization

On leadership:

“My determination and will to achieve my goal with consistency, accuracy, and courtesy plus my love for others makes me a good leader.”

On achievements:

An achievement is “when I was detained and took over the supervision of my prison cell (Shawish), supervising 33 women and girls from all governorates with prisoners from Iraq and Ethiopia having different dialects and nature, all of whom were in a state of despair and collapse. I dealt with people who were younger than me, mothers, sisters, and women who were older than me. We cried and laughed together; we formed one heart. Leading a room full of women with its requirements of food, medicine, bathroom access and cleaning. I was able to control the situation and earn respect and be satisfactory to everyone. Despite oppression and our tears, we used to sing and laugh.

I am proud of my work as a human rights activist sharing the voice and cries of the detainees and the missing. I met with their families and won their love and trust.”

On challenges:

“When someone is in my team is not humane in interactions, it becomes very challenging.”

Advice to female leaders:

“Stay away from selfishness and authoritarianism.”