Marcela Granados, activist leader, Colombia

On leadership:

“A good leader remembers our ancestors, our guides, our legacies. A good leader always has in mind those who have worked tirelessly for the rights and the search for the disappeared; in this country rights are no longer violated. Good leaders always remember and fight for the goal: a country where one can live in peace and freedom. Remembering those who taught me to look for my family makes me a good leader:  I multiply their message. I never lose heart – this makes me a good leader.”

On achievements:

“One of the most important achievements that I am very proud of is that I was able to continue studying. Despite the disappearance of many members of my family and despite the forced displacement I suffered, I managed to find the time and resources to study, which is not easy in a country like Colombia.”

On challenges:

“The main challenges I face every day as a woman leader is the machismo that exists in the country. The questioning of what I say as a woman and not believing in my experience. Also, the lack of opportunities to continue developing to make a professional career. This makes it very difficult to help and teach other women.”

Advice for female leaders:

“The best advice I can give to other women leaders is not to give up, to always continue despite the pain, the sadness, the disappointments, and to always get up again and continue – despite seeing the things that happen in our country. I advise us female leaders to continue training ourselves to strengthen our advocacy, to know who we are and how we can make our demands and unite together – we need more women leaders.