Ghada Abu Mesto – Executive Director of Dammah-Hug Foundation, a Lebanon-based Syrian organization

On leadership:

A good leader needs: “good communication, self-assurance, a good sense of humour, humility, humanity and persistence in humanitarian values ​​and principles, an ability to act and adapt, and to listen well.”

On achievements:

My best achievement is “continuity despite the circumstances and challenges; Forming a team that works in a harmonious manner which believes in principles and values.”

On challenges:

“The general context of women as a female leadership is working on social issues, represented by the patriarchal perspective and the cultural heritage of the arrival of women in decision-making. As for the special context, the biggest challenge is to work a balance between the family and the prisoners and their needs and work to lead a team which needs from time, effort and devotion.”

Advice for female leaders:

“Be patient and believe in your abilities and your cause. Be consistent on your principles and values.”