Dijana Strujić, President of Association of Families of Killed and Missing Veterans of Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On leadership:

“A good leader should have qualities such as self-confidence, personal integrity, emotional stability and maturity. One of the most important is emotional competence, which contributes to building relationships, listening and understanding someone else’s position.”

On achievements:

“I am most proud of the community contributions I have made together with my colleagues. As the most important, I would single out the finding of four of our missing veterans after 27 years that brought peace to four families. I hope that we will soon find the remaining 15 that are being intensively searched for.”

On challenges:

“The most common challenges I face are related to the resources needed to find missing persons. During my work, I have encountered many misunderstandings and unwillingness to cooperate, but I am grateful that it is less and less like that – together with my colleagues, I am successfully fighting it.”

Advice for female leaders:

“I would advise all leaders to be guardians of values, missions and orientations and to do good through others in addition to their competencies.”