Ingrid Gudmundsson from Sweden

Ingrid’s daughter Linda was 31 years old and pregnant when she disappeared in the Tsunami of 26 December 2004, in Khao Lak, Thailand. Linda’s father and her daughter Mira, just one year old, were also lost. They were all identified after seven months and Mira was identified by ICMP. Ingrid says, “It is nearly 14 years since the Tsunami catastrophe, so I have passed many different stages of feelings – shock, frustration, anger, bottomless sadness, and missing her always. I have not felt any revenge because I understand that there is no one to blame.” The family started a charity in Linda’s memory “Indahjälpen”, through which they support a school in Khao Lak with 700 orphaned children. Ingrid adds, “Linda, your power and spark will forever be my guiding star. I often think of children, parents and friends all over the world, who are still missing their loved ones because I know exactly how they feel and what they go through.”