ICMP supports Iraqi authorities in their quest to find all missing persons

Baghdad, 16 May 2022 –  The International Commission on Missing Person (ICMP) supports Iraqi authorities, including the National Team, represented by the Directorate for Protection and Affairs of Mass Graves / Martyrs Foundation and the Medico-Legal Directorate / Ministry of Health, both technically and logistically, in their quest to find all missing persons, regardless of the cause of their disappearance.

ICMP has assisted Iraq since 2003. An ICMP office was opened in Baghdad in 2008, and in Erbil in 2010. ICMP worked with concerned authorities working on missing persons, and supported governmental efforts to establish Iraqi expertise to work in the field and in DNA laboratories, which was one of ICMP’s goals since the beginning in Iraq.

ICMP has also worked with Civil Society Organizations to develop and enhance their abilities to have an effective participation in locating missing persons; ICMP today supports excavations such as the one currently on-going in Najaf Governorate, in a mass grave that goes back to the crimes of former regime. ICMP’s technical teams are present there, and in parallel, are also participating in an on-going reference collection campaign for families of victims of this mass grave, supported by ICMP.

ICMP works to support Iraqi efforts to identify a large number of missing persons by working closely with the National Team to support the implementation of the annual plan prepared by the National Team and will continue to offer its technical and financial support to Iraqi authorities.