ICMP Ready to Help Iraqi Authorities Identify Victims of Baghdad Bombing

6 July 2016: The death of 250 people in Sunday’s bomb attack in Baghdad brings yet more grief to a population already traumatized by atrocity and inhumanity, ICMP Director-General Kathryne Bomberger said today. She expressed solidarity with the survivors of this attack and their families.

Taking appropriate steps to identify the dead and the missing is a legal responsibility of governments around the world, including the Government of Iraq, Bomberger said. Since ICMP began working in Iraq in 2003, it has trained more than 550 Iraqi professionals in locating, securing, excavating and documenting mass graves and in DNA extraction. It has also worked with families of the missing to help them assert their right to the truth, to justice and to reparation.

“The key task today is to ensure that the chain of responsibility is operating in what are clearly very challenging circumstances,” Bomberger said. “This awful event highlights the fact that emergency services, forensic specialists and legal institutions must interact and support one another if identifications are to be made with maximum certainty and maximum speed.”

Bomberger said ICMP staff in Iraq are in touch with the Medical Legal Institute in Baghdad and that “ICMP stands ready to offer the Iraqi authorities more help if this is requested.”