The International Commission of Missing Persons and Libyan Judicial Expertise Center, Representing Ministry of Justice and Permanent Technical Committee on Mass Graves and Missing Migrants, Sign Technical Cooperation Agreement

The Hague, 27 June 2023 – Chancellor Khaled Diab from the Center for Judicial Expertise of Libya’s Ministry of Justice, Dr. Elias Elhammruni from the Permanent Technical Committee on Mass Graves and Missing Migrants & Ambassador Thomas Miller Chairperson of the International Commission of Missing Persons (ICMP) have signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement in The Hague.

“The agreement paves the way for ICMP to help the authorities in Libya establish an impartial and effective process to account for large numbers of missing persons,” ICMP Director-General Kathryne Bomberger said. ”It will continue the work that ICMP undertook in Libya a decade ago, and it will provide the relevant agencies with tools to account for Libyans who have gone missing as a result of conflict and political instability, as well as migrants who have gone missing in their efforts to reach Europe .”

“We hope that this agreement between the Center for Judicial Expertise and ICMP will be a first step in successful cooperation over the long term,” said Chancellor Khaled Diab. “Libya faces a complex challenge, due to its own history and due to its status as a transit country for large numbers of migrants.”

Under the Technical Cooperation Agreement, ICMP will work with Libyan stakeholders, including the Permanent Technical Committee on Mass Graves and Missing Migrants, to improve standards and procedures for investigations at mass grave sites throughout the country, to establish a centralized data system and enhance data privacy, to strengthen forensic capacities, and to increase the involvement of  families in the missing persons process.

“The real challenges we face in Libya revolve around capacity building and training,” said Dr. Elias Elhammruni Head of the Permanent Technical Committee. “ICMP has expressed its willingness to assist in these areas, with a focus on missing migrants. The Ministry of Justice is in complete agreement with ICMP’s objectives.”

The signing ceremony was attended by ICMP Commissioners Her Majesty Queen Noor, Ms. María Eugenia Brizuela de Ávila, Rt. Hon. Alistair Burt, Ms. Thao Griffiths, Mr. Bert Koenders, Ms. Barbara Haering, and Ambassador Knut Vollebaek, and, from Libya, Major General Mahmoud Ashour, the head of the Interior Ministry’s Criminal Investigation Directorate.

The event was funded by the The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the support they provide to ICMP’s Libya program.

About ICMP

ICMP is a treaty-based intergovernmental organization that seeks to ensure the cooperation of governments and others in locating missing persons from conflict, human rights abuses, disasters, organized crime, migration, and other causes, and to assist them in doing so. ICMP also supports the work of other organizations in their efforts, encourages public involvement in its activities and contributes to the development of appropriate expressions of commemoration and tribute to the missing.

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