Facts and Figures on Srebrenica

At the beginning of July, ICMP published an Infographic on Srebrenica that provides details about the work that has been done during the last 20 years to account for the estimated 8,000 missing, including numbers of victims who have been identified by different means, and statistics on Srebrenica-related war-crimes cases.

ICMP has led a process that has made it possible to account for 6,930 of the missing from Srebrenica, roughly 90 percent of all those reported missing. By establishing facts about the fate of individuals and identifying victims by name, ICMP has helped to create a verifiable historical narrative of what happened, where it happened, when it happened and to whom it happened. This gives the lie to those who would circumvent inconvenient truths by branding them as fabrications.

ICMP’s work has made it possible for the survivors of Srebrenica, as well as those from other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans, who are primarily women and children, to obtain access to the truth and to justice.

Developing and implementing effective steps to account for the missing are key elements in a credible strategy to ensure that war crimes are not repeated.

ICMP’s Srebrenica infographic can be accessed here