A Systematic and Effective Challenge to Lawlessness

The Daily Telegraph published an article today by ICMP Commissioner Alistair Burt, on the “political and moral failure on a catastrophic scale” that took place 20 years ago when 8,000 people were murdered in the UN-protected enclaves of Zepa and Srebrenica in Eastern Bosnia. He describes the Srebrenica genocide of July 1995 as “a brutal and dangerous challenge to the rule of law” adding that “when the rule of law is challenged anywhere it is challenged everywhere.” Commissioner Burt argues that the way to address “people who equate killing with strength, who equate murder with virtue” is to deal “in demonstrable facts – not contending ideologies or opinions but hard facts – and we should uphold the rule of law.” He explains that ICMP’s work, that has made it possible to account for tens of thousands of missing persons, including almost 7,000 of the victims of Srebrenica, has been an integral part of the effort to reassert the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The full text of Commissioner Burt’s article can be read at http://bit.ly/1M1gTE8