In Memoriam

Jasmin Osmanagić (30 November 1970 – 11 July 2004)

Jasmin Osmanagić, our colleague and friend, was killed in a traffic accident while travelling to Srebrenica for ICMP.

Jasmin worked selflessly to implement ICMP’s mandate and bring closure to the families of the missing.

We will always remember.


Zerkida Kešetović  (10 March 1958 – 24 July 2007)

Zerkida joined ICMP in July 2000, first as a team assistant with the blood collection unit and then, from 2002, working with the Matching Unit at the Identification Coordination Center in Tuzla. A valued colleague and friend, Zerkida died of cancer in 2007.


Mirsad Halilčević (31 May 1963 – 29 May 2008)

Mirsad was part of the ICMP team that helps the authorities locate and excavate clandestine graves. He was killed in a traffic accident on his way back from an operation in the Srebrenica area. We will always remember.


Dario Karačić (12 May 1961 – 30 May 2016)

Dario had worked for ICMP since 2002. An unassuming and always helpful colleague, he died following a stroke. We will always remember.


Dina Husanović  (17 December 1972 – 17 August 2018)

ICMP’s staff remember our colleague and friend, Dina Husanovic, who died on 17 August after a long struggle with cancer.

Dina began working with ICMP in 2002 and made a major contribution to the organization.

We will miss her greatly.