ICMP visits Kirkuk’s Martyrs Directorate

Erbil, 17 January 2018: Last month the director of Kirkuk’ Martyrs Directorate welcomed a delegation from the International commission on Missing persons led by Mrs. Caroline Barker Head of Anthropology and Archaeology Division. Mrs. Barker mentioned the role of ICMP in the field of humanitarian cases in general, and what is related to the missing person’s cases caused by military actions and natural disasters.

From his side, the director explained to the delegation about the role of the Martyrs foundation in field of human rights, insisting on missing person’s rights and their families. He also praised their sacrifices in fighting injustice and tyranny that happened to the Iraqi People since the Ba’ath regime took over power and after the fall of the regime back in 2003 and the destruction of the infrastructure by Terrorist groups. He also mentioned the supervision of the mass graves in the governorate by the directorate according to martyr’s foundation’s controls and instruction and protecting it from being tampered.

Original story here (in Arabic)