Holy See Donation of 5,000 USD to ICMP

The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) has received another generous donation from the Holy See. This latest donation of 5,000 USD will significantly contribute to the work and activities of the ICMP. The Holy See has made donations to ICMP since the year 2002 and is a valued contributor to ICMP’s work.In a statement made last Friday, H.E. Apostolic Nuncio to BiH, Santos Abril y Castello, emphasized the importance the Holy See places on ICMP’s work and expressed the sympathy of the Holy See toward families with missing relatives from the conflicts. H.E. Nuncio hopes that the fate of persons who remain unaccounted for will soon be resolved and that their families will finally find peace.

The existence of large numbers of missing persons poses an impediment to post conflict institution building as well as to peace initiatives and reconciliation. ICMP works with other international organizations and provides support to post-conflict societies in their efforts to resolve the missing persons issue and identify large numbers of missing persons that resulted from the recent conflicts across the region of the former Yugoslavia.