Daily World News Digest, 16 March 2015

Student forcibly disappeared in town south of Cairo

Daily News Egypt reported on 15 March that a high school student has been forcibly disappeared in Fayoum, southwest of Cairo. Abdallah Mohamed Aly, 17, was arrested at his home on 6 March, according to his lawyer, who said there have been weekly cases of disapearances in Fayoum since the beginning of the year. His family have submitted reports to the Prosecutor General and local police stations in Fayoum, but so far no trace of him has been found. , Daily News Egypt said. Mahmoud Hassan told the paper there have been weekly cases of enforced disappearances in Fayoum since the beginning of 2015. A nine-year-old child is to be tried by a Fayoum military court after allegedly attacking security forces and burning electricity transformers, relatives and a legal support group told Daily News Egypt. The Ministry of Interior reported on Saturday that 38 people had been arrested across Egypt on charges of committing violent acts and rioting. Among them one person was arrested from Fayoum. http://bit.ly/1Auo4uD

20 Children Go Missing in Delhi Every 24 Hours

The New Indian Express reports today that 20 children go missing in Delhi every day and police have proved ineffective in dealing with trafficking gangs that are responsible for some abductions. Police account for about half the children who go missing, the paper says. In the first quarter of the year, 1,120 children went missing in Delhi, of whom 621 were girls. Last year, 7,572 children went missing in the city, of whom 4,166 were girls. The figure for missing children in the Indian capital in 2013 was 5,809, and in 2012 it was 3,686, police said. http://bit.ly/1Ej8i75

Women from Sri Lanka Protest in Geneva

The Sunday Leader newspaper in Sri Lanka reported on 15 March that a group of women from Sri Lanka participated in a vigil organized by Amnesty International outside the Palais de Nations in Geneva on 12 March to demand justice for the families of missing persons. Members of the Sri Lanka Women’s Action Network (WAN) exhibited specially designed saris as part of the demonstration. The saris, representing women who have been affected by disappearances, will later be exhibited in Brussels and The Hague. http://bit.ly/1LgBgh8

Sri Lanka’s Missing Persons Commission to present interim report on Wednesday

The Colombo Page news portal reported on 15 March that the Presidential Commission Investigating Cases of Missing Persons in Sri Lanka is to present an interim report to President Maithripala Sirisena on Wednesday. Since it was established in August 2013 the Commission has received more than 20,106 complaints, including approximately 5,000 complaints from relatives of missing security forces personnel. The Commission has been criticized for failing to provide adequate legal and security guarantees to potential witnesses and also for being overly dependent on the Office of the President.   http://bit.ly/1DpJ3VF

Policeman in China finds 700 missing children using Weibo

Shanghaiist.com web portal reported on 15 March that a policeman in Jiangsu province in eastern China, who created and managed a Weibo account that he used to find missing persons, has made headlines after it emerged that he has successfully located 700 missing children over the past three years. Qin Yongming created his Weibo account in 2012. He releases one notice about a missing person every day. So far, he has posted more than 1,000 updates and has over 360,000 followers. According to Sina News, 90 percent of minors he reported as missing have been returned home. So far more than 2,600 netizens have joined Qin’s Weibo group and regularly repost his notices. http://bit.ly/1BIWixk

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