Daily World News Digest, 8 November 2017

More migrants die on Mediterranean route

Italian authorities have launched an investigation into the deaths of 26 teenage girls whose bodies were recovered in the Mediterranean on Sunday. The girls, aged 14 to 18, are believed to have been migrants from Niger and Nigeria. Their bodies were found close to a flimsy rubber dinghy that had all but sunk when rescuers arrived. Over the weekend, 400 people were brought aboard the Spanish vessel Cantabria before disembarking at the Italian port town of Salerno. Among them were 90 women and 52 minors, including a week-old-baby, authorities said. Since the start of this year, 2,839 migrants have died on the central Mediterranean route, according to the IOM. A total of 150,982 migrants have reached European shores, of whom around 74 percent are Italian arrivals. http://cnn.it/2zoa0fJ

UN urges Colombia congress to ratify war crimes tribunal

The UN has indicated that Colombia could be in violation of international law if its Congress fails to approve a transitional justice system agreed with demobilized FARC guerrillas. A large number of members of Congress and senior military figures have been connected to war crimes cases that would be tried by a transitional justice tribunal. With elections in less than six months, some members of Congress are reportedly trying to use their approval as leverage to secure funds for their districts. http://bit.ly/2zqU4qY

Camp Speicher massacre victim’s identification going slowly

Identification of the victims of the Camp Speicher massacre on 12 June 2014, when army recruits were executed by Da’esh forces on the banks of the Tigris near Tikrit, is going slowly, according to Hayder al-Baldawi, a member of a committee commemorating the massacre. The total number of victims is 1,935, of whom 994 have been found; of these, 527 have been identified, and 467 are under medical examination. http://bit.ly/2zErJ3E

Civilian deaths rise in Philippines war on drugs

Fatalities in the Philippines war on drugs are rising, with a large number of deaths linked to police operations. However, the government insists the war is producing results, and denies that more than 10,000 extrajudicial killings have taken place. Instead, it points to a decrease in crimes such as kidnap and theft. http://bit.ly/2hRqROD

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