Daily World News Digest, 8 November 2016

Iraq: mass grave containing 100 bodies found near Mosul

CNN reported yesterday that a mass grave containing the remains of about 100 beheaded civilians has been discovered inside a school in a town south of Mosul, according to a statement issued on Monday by Iraq’s military. The mass grave was found by Iraqi forces in the School of Agriculture on the outskirts of Hammam al-Alil, a town that was recaptured from ISIS on Monday, Iraq’s Joint Military Command said. Special teams are being sent to the site to investigate the killings, the statement said. http://cnn.it/2fhl2a4

Nigeria: talks with Boko Haram to free Chibok girls “ongoing”

The International Business Times reported yesterday that talks between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram are ongoing, according to Information Minister Alhaji Lai Mohammed. He denied allegations that the authorities have interrupted dialogue with the terrorists regarding the release of nearly 200 girls. Rumors that talks had been interrupted spread after attacks blamed on Boko Haram killed at least six people in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, earlier in November. “It is not true. Talks are still very much on course,” Mohammed told the Guardian Nigeria newspaper. Boko Haram abducted 219 schoolgirls from Chibok in Borno state in April 2014. One Chibok girl was rescued by the army in November. Earlier this year, a Boko Haram faction released 21 of the girls following negotiations brokered by Switzerland and the Red Cross. Reports alleged that the government had freed some militants in exchange for the girls, something the authorities have since denied. http://bit.ly/2fAeK4J

Almost 3,000 rescued migrants arrive to Italy in one day

The Global Times reports today that almost 3,000 migrants and refugees rescued in the Mediterranean reached various ports in southern Italy on Monday, according to the authorities.  Italy’s coast guard ship Dattilo arrived at the port of Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, with 1,045 people and 10 bodies on board, according to the coast guard. Another 712 migrants reached the port of Augusta, also in Sicily, on board two vessels from Italy and Spain’s navy. Some 799 rescued people, and 4 dead migrants, were on board another coast guard vessel reaching the port of Reggio Calabria later in the day. Some 111 children and 81 women were among those brought to Reggio Calabria. Overall, these migrants and refugees originated from various African countries, the coast guard said. A further 400 people mainly of sub-Saharan origin reached the port of Vibo Valentia, also in the Calabria region, aboard the Irish ship Topaz Responder, bringing the total to 2,956 arrivals in one day. http://bit.ly/2fWr1Vk

India’s crackdown in Kashmir

The Guardian reports today on renewed conflict over the last two months between India and Pakistan. The latest flare-up “comes on the heels of a bloody summer of protest and repression in Kashmir” it says.  Since July, when the killing of a young militant leader sparked a furious civilian uprising across the Kashmir valley, more than 90 people have been killed by Indian forces. “Most shocking of all has been the breaking up of demonstrations with ‘non-lethal’ pellet ammunition, which has blinded hundreds of Kashmiri civilians.” In four months, 17,000 adults and children have been injured, nearly five thousand have been arrested, and an entire population spent the summer under the longest curfew in the history of curfews in Kashmir, the paper says. Some estimates put the number of people killed since 1989 at 70,000. Some 8,000 non-combatants are thought to have been disappeared, and 6,000 are believed to have been buried in mass graves. http://bit.ly/2fOeAvD

Fathers of Mexico kidnap victims speak at US university

Wkar, a news outlet of Michigan State University in the US, reported yesterday that relatives of students kidnapped in Iguala, Mexico, in 2014 spoke at the university on Monday. A Mexican government inquiry initially claimed that local police, possibly on the orders of the local mayor, had turned the students over to a drug gang, which massacred them. Many family members reject this account, which has been challenged by an impartial panel of Latin American investigators. http://bit.ly/2fAiwv7

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