Daily World News Digest, 7 April 2017

Number of missing people in Mexico rises to 30,000 by end of 2016

 AOL reported yesterday that the National Human Rights Commission in Mexico said the number of people in Mexico disappearing under suspicious circumstances, often related to drug violence, had risen to 30,000 by the end of 2016. The drug-ridden northern state of Tamaulipas registering 5,563 missing, the highest state total. The Commission also said it had accounted for 855 mass graves across Mexico over the last decade, finding 1,548 corpses, the large majority of which were male. Just over half of those bodies have been identified. http://aol.it/2nQPE6i

Kenya: Right Groups Seek President’s Intervention Over Extrajudicial Killings

All Africa reported yesterday that in Kenya, human rights organizations under the banner of the Police Reforms Working Group want President Uhuru Kenyatta to establish an independent judicial commission of inquiry to conduct a probe into claims of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances of crime suspects. KHRC Executive Director George Kegoro says the commission should also examine the extent and causes of continued and persistent lack of individual and command accountability for the same. http://bit.ly/2ofH9Vv

Putin stands by Assad as firm evidence of chemical attack mounts

The Guardian released an article yesterday with information that Putin has doubled down on his support for the Syrian government despite the release of post-mortem results by Turkey that confirmed chemical weapons were used in an attack that killed at least 72 people in north Syria. Russia’s defense ministry has argued that Syrian planes were destroying chemical weapons, not deploying them, and said the airstrikes targeted a rebel storage depot for toxins. That claim has been widely dismissed as implausible by experts. http://bit.ly/2o0Gkxu

One migrant found dead as 1,350 rescued in Mediterranean

Reuters reported yesterday that Italy’s Coast Guard and humanitarian ships rescued 1,350 migrants in 12 separate operations in the Mediterranean on Thursday and one person was found dead. The migrants were all found in an area some 25 km (16 miles) north of the Libyan coast. They were traveling on a larger boat, five dinghies and 6 smaller vessels. http://reut.rs/2p7Pojq

Bosnian war legacy: Living with phantom limb syndrome

Aljazeera published an article yesterday about the life situation of Adis Smajic to represent how people are affected today after 20 years of the war. 34-year-old Adis Smajic still lives with the effects of the conflict. Adis lost part of his right arm and his left eye at the age of 13 in a landmine explosion and, after undergoing dozens of operations, he still struggles with “phantom limb” syndrome and has to periodically replace his prosthetic eye. In the article there is also a collection of pictures published. http://bit.ly/2oLla9z

Isis kidnapping refugee women, forcing them to convert and selling them as sex slaves in Libya

The Independent reported yesterday that Libyan authorities have released 28 Eritreans and seven Nigerians who were captured and enslaved by ISIS in Sirte and had been held in detention since the jihadist group lost the city in December.

The group, all but two of whom are women and children, escaped from Sirte, a former Islamic State stronghold in central Libya, while forces from the nearby city of Misrata battled to oust the militants late last year. Some of the women were on their way to Europe when Islamic State fighters kidnapped and held them as sex slaves. After they escaped from Sirte, they were investigated for possible ties to the group and held for several months in a Misrata prison. http://ind.pn/2nQVPHC

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