Daily World News Digest, 4 July 2018

ICMP helping Mediterranean countries to account for missing migrants

The International Commission on Missing Persons is playing a key role in helping Mediterranean countries of Malta, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy in sharing information on migrants buried in unmarked graves as part of a wider effort to reunite families of the missing with the remains of their loved ones. National Public Radio reports that the effort involves governments, humanitarian organizations and migrant associations. The goal is to start collecting investigative threads in these four countries on missing migrants and eventually begin to build a DNA database. https://n.pr/2KJYLnS

Egypt refuses to build refugee camps for migrants deported from Europe

Middle East Monitor reports that Egypt has refused to build refugee camps in the country, after an EU migration deal revealed that European leaders would seek to establish centers in the Middle East and Africa to host deported asylum seekers. The country currently hosts more than 221,675 refugees and asylum seekers, with 3,118 newly registered in 2018 alone, according to the UNHCR. https://bit.ly/2lSdcrZ

Malta and European leaders blamed for migrant deaths in the Mediterranean

Malta’s decision to deny entry to ships carrying migrants operated by NGOs has resulted in backlash from NGOs and warnings that the decision to close its ports could have “potentially fatal” consequences. The Times of Malta reports that the captain of NGO migrant vessel, Pia Klemp, placed responsibility for a mass grave in the Mediterranean on the Maltese government and European politicians, while Sea Watch has voiced concerns over the allegations of human rights violations faced by migrants in Libya. https://bit.ly/2MKa2lO

New remains found at mass grave site in United States

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico are investigating whether bones discovered Tuesday, July 3rd are human remains. The New York Post reports that bones were found in an area where 11 women were found buried nearly a decade ago in 2009 — a development that has sparked fears that there may have been more victims in the unsolved serial killing case. https://nyp.st/2MKnNAM

Mexican activists protest homicide with needlepoint

Mexican activist collective, Fuentes Rojas, is a group of women who have reclaimed public space through a uniquely artistic peaceful protest. Broadly reports that the murder rate in Mexico was 70 people per day in 2017. To remember those who have been disappeared or killed in their country and to combat the high rates on impunity within Mexico, Fuentes Rojas embroiders handkerchiefs to represent the name and story of victims of violent crime. https://bit.ly/2IRILLA

Mass grave of suspected Nazi victims found in Russia

A mass grave of around 100 Red Army soldiers has been found in a village near Moscow, say researchers excavating the site. The Daily Mail reports that the human remains discovered are believed to have been victims of Nazis who razed the village of Pokrov in 1941. The volunteer research team said they have found 102 bodies so far — including one child — and will continue digging expecting to find more. https://dailym.ai/2tTHoaS

Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.