Daily World News Digest, 4 July 2016

Nine Tunisian immigrants drowned, others missing as boat capsized off Sabratha shores

The Libya Observer reported on 3 July that a boat carrying 28 Tunisian immigrants capsized off Sabratha shores on Saturday. 12 of the migrants were rescued, 9 drowned bodies were picked out of sea water, while seven others are still missing, Tunisian law activists reported. Most of the Tunisian migrants were from Ben Gardane district on the border with Libya, they set off from the south of Tunisia heading toward Libya, then they rented a boat to make the perilous journey to Europe, the activists added. http://bit.ly/29cY70o

Lebanon’s mass graves

ArabTimes reports today that the International Committee of the Red Cross has started collecting DNA samples to help identify thousands of people who disappeared during Lebanon’s 1975-1990 civil war, the ICRC said Friday. The ICRC called on the Lebanese authorities to create a “national mechanism” to help match victims’ bodies with their families. The war, which started on April 13, 1975 and lasted 15 years, officially left 150,000 dead and 17,000 missing, dozens of them allegedly still detained by the Syrian government, a key player in the conflict. http://bit.ly/29HwuJN

Egypt rights watchdog criticises disappearances, torture

MailOnline, reported on 3 July that Egypt’s human rights council said on Sunday that the authorities’ human rights record had not improved, noting a string of enforced disappearances by the police and abuse of prisoners. The National Council for Human Rights, the country’s official rights watchdog, made the remarks in an annual report. It added that the council had raised 266 cases of enforced disappearances with the interior ministry, of whom 27 were since revealed to have been released while 143 remained in pretrial detention. The ministry responded that 44 of the missing people had not been arrested, and may have disappeared for other reasons, including to join jihadist groups, the council’s report said. http://dailym.ai/29d194R

Philippines: Aid for 12,500 displaced people in Lanao del Sur

ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) reports today that “thousands of civilians in Butig were forced to flee their homes in February, when the first clashes began. Some were able to return in April, and just when they started planting a new crop, they were forced to flee their homes again in May, when hostilities resumed,” said Dominic Earnshaw, head of the ICRC office in Cotabato. “Now many of the displaced are living with relatives and depend heavily on their kin and the authorities, as they are still too afraid to go back home. Civilian houses were also destroyed in the fighting. We ask all sides in the conflict to exercise utmost precaution to protect civilians and their property,” he added. http://bit.ly/29nWufN

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