Daily World News Digest, 30 October 2018

Raqqa, Syria: exhumation of mass graves

The Daily Star from Lebanon reports that one year after the defeat of Da’esh in Raqqa, bodies are still being counted as they are pulled from mass graves and from the rubble in the city, which was the group’s Syrian headquarters. A recovery team has found more than 2,600 bodies so far this year and many more bodies have been recovered by Raqqa residents working on their own, local sources say. https://bit.ly/2yIERT9

Indonesia deploys divers, ‘pinger locators’ in hunt for doomed plane’s cockpit recorders

Indonesian divers resumed a search on Tuesday for an airliner that crashed with 189 people on board, as “pinger locators” tried to zero in on the plane’s cockpit recorders and discover the cause of the crash minutes after take-off. https://reut.rs/2Ode1rd

Irish mass grave: forensic challenges

A leading DNA expert has highlighted the challenges of identifying hundreds of human remains that are believed to have been buried in a mass grave at a children’s home in Tuam in the West of Ireland, the Irish Mirror reports. Professor Sue Black of the University of Lancaster notes that extracting DNA from commingled human remains that have been exposed to the wet Irish climate for more than half a century may be particularly difficult. https://bit.ly/2qhoQPB

“More than 100,000 missing” around the world

Agnes Coutou, protection adviser of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has told the UN General Assembly’s human rights committee that more than 100,000 people around the world are missing, VOA News reports. Coutou added that “this is the tip of the iceberg” and “represents only a fraction of those estimated to be missing because of past and ongoing conflicts.” https://bit.ly/2CQ7Yqr

Mosul: 38 Da’esh fighters found dead in mass grave

A mass grave containing the bodies of Da’esh militants in western Mosul has been found by the Iraqi military, Iraqi News reports. https://bit.ly/2qjzXr5

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