Daily World News Digest, 30 May 2019

Three more victims of Srebrenica genocide identified

Anadolu Agency reports on new identifications of victims of the Srebrenica genocide, following exhumations from mass graves in Liplje and Kamenica near Zvornik in eastern Bosnia. The identifications were made through DNA analysis, with the assistance of the International Commission on Missing persons (ICMP). (Original article in BCS). https://bit.ly/2KcsSUn

Iraq: Identification of human remains from Sinjar

Shaafaq News reports that, following the excavation of 10 mass graves in Sinjar in northern Iraq, 138 bodies have been sent to the Medico-Legal Department in Baghdad for examination and identification. The report notes that exhumations at the remaining mass graves in Sinjar will resume after Ramadan Eid (Original article in Arabic). https://bit.ly/2wrhuw1

Pakistan urged to investigate North Waziristan deaths

Human Rights Watch has urged the authorities in Pakistan to investigate the deaths of at least three people during violent protests in North Waziristan on 26 May. Demonstrators were protesting against cases of enforced disappearance. The violence left several people injured including soldiers. https://bit.ly/2JKxOR7

Ethiopia “must end impunity” for human rights abuses

Amnesty International has raised the issue of torture and enforced disappearance in Ethiopia. It says 28 years after the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) took power “human rights continue to be violated with impunity”. http://bit.ly/2KacFz0

State “coordinated attack on civil society” in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum has highlighted “the state’s coordinated and systematic attack on civil society organizations” according to Bulawayo 24news, which cites a number of issues, including arbitrary arrest and detention. https://bit.ly/2HJU2jS

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