Daily World News Digest, 30 July 2018

Canada using DNA to identify migrant nationality

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) immigration officials are using DNA testing and ancestry websites to try to establish the nationality of migrants being held as “long-term detainees”, the CBSA said on Friday. Reuters reports that this practice is an effort to avoid indefinite incarceration of non-citizens and CBSA has clarified that the agency obtains consent from clients before submitting their information to DNA websites. https://reut.rs/2OnkMbn

Srebrenica: responsibility and justice

In its obituary of Hatidza Mehmedovic, the Srebrenica campaigner who died of cancer on 22 July, the New York Times notes that Mrs. Mehmedovic spoke out against growing nationalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We can’t let those who killed become the same as those who were killed,” she said in a recent TV interview. “I should not be the only one who is afraid of a future in which we don’t know who was the perpetrator and who was the victim.” https://nyti.ms/2An6ogl

Remains found in Austria confirmed to be WWII US airman

The US Defense Department has confirmed that human remains found by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency in 2011 at a crash site in Austria are those of a Tuskegee Airman who went missing during World War II, NPR reports. https://n.pr/2LvxMxL

Spain rescues more than 200 migrants at sea

AFP reports that Spanish maritime rescue services have saved 211 migrants from 21 different boats in the Straits of Gibraltar. The crossing from Spain to Morocco is now the busiest migrant route in the Mediterranean, with the International Organization for Migration reporting 19,580 arrivals in Spain so far this year. https://yhoo.it/2AmLMok

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