Daily World News Digest, 3 July 2018

Syria: Challenges in unearthing mass graves in former Da’esh controlled areas

Human Rights Watch reports that due to an unknown number of mass graves in the city of Raqqa and surrounding areas local authorities affiliated with the Raqqa Civil Council are struggling to cope with the logistical challenges recovering bodies and providing it to families searching for missing or dead relatives. It is believed that thousands of bodies are to be recovered from mass graves in the city, while exhumations are further complicated by the presence of landmines. https://bit.ly/2IKxi0l

Malta detains second migrant rescue ship as hundreds die at sea

According to Yahoo News, on Monday Malta stopped a second migrant rescue ship from leaving its port, as the UN refugee agency reported over 300 migrant deaths at sea in four days. The decision by Malta to detain the ship comes just days after Lifeline, another charity boat, was impounded after it docked in Malta with over 200 migrants onboard last week. Several EU leaders have accused NGO ships of indirectly aiding human traffickers, saying they should let the Libyan coastguard coordinate rescue missions and take the migrants back to Libya. https://yhoo.it/2NmgeBw

Second batch of displaced Syrians leave Lebanon

The Syrian Observer reports that 42 Syrians return from Lebanon to their towns voluntarily, accompanied by General Security. The repatriation is being followed-up on in coordination with the UNHCR. The Lebanese government is coordinating with the Syrian regime to encourage Syrian refugees in Lebanon to return voluntarily to safe areas in Syria. https://bit.ly/2lRyCFW

Enforced disappearances of terrorist gets more youths into their ranks

Daily Nation from Kenya in an opinion piece argues that extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances by suspected state agencies only win terrorists undeserved sympathy and more youths into their ranks. According to Haki Africa executive director, Mr Hussein Khalid research also shows that majority of those killed and forcefully disappeared are youth. https://bit.ly/2tZfuJC

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