Daily World News Digest, 3 April 2018

Extrajudicial killings in Brazil

In 2016, Brazilian civilian and military police forces killed 4,224 people and in comparison to similar data from 2015, Brazil saw a 26-percent increase in police-related civilian deaths, the Human Rights Brief website of American University Washington College of Law reports, highlighting the issue of extrajudicial killings.  https://bit.ly/2uK7uje

Iraq: more bodies found in Tikrit mass grave

Iraqi authorities say they have found the remains of another 158 people in a mass grave outside the city of Tikrit, where it is believed that Da’esh massacred hundreds of captured soldiers when it occupied the area in the summer of 2014. Iraq’s forensic department said Monday it has identified a total of 1,153 bodies from the grave. https://wapo.st/2GuNI0P

Bodies of 38 Indians killed in Iraq arrive back in India

A special plane carrying the bodies of 38 Indian construction workers killed by the Da’esh in Iraq in the summer of 2014, arrived in the northern Indian city of Amritsar on Monday. Iraqi authorities discovered the remains in a mass grave last year after retaking Mosul, and identified the bodies last month. https://bit.ly/2uH8u7L

Amnesty calls on Mali to probe extrajudicial killings

Amnesty International on Tuesday called on authorities in Mali to investigate extrajudicial killings following the discovery last week of a mass grave containing six bodies. The rights group said it had collected evidence that “the six bodies found in a mass grave on 25 March had been arrested by the military three days earlier in the village of Dogo and taken away to an unknown location.” https://bit.ly/2uFRZZR

Mexico: caravans highlight vulnerability of migrants

Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas has published a story on Central Americans seeking asylum in the US and Mexico. It notes that countries such as El Salvador, Venezuela, and Honduras are among the most violent places in the world. Children and young adults are particularly vulnerable, and “caravans” of migrants “are organized in order to highlight the dangers that migrants face when journeying through Mexico—including numerous cases of kidnappings, robbery, extortion, sexual assault, as well as the danger to go missing.” https://bit.ly/2uGYECV

Gibraltar: five dead, six missing as migrant boat sinks

At least five migrants died and another six are missing after their small boat capsized in rough seas in the Strait of Gibraltar on Sunday, according to Spain’s maritime rescue agency. The sole survivor of the tragedy told his Spanish rescuers that as many as 12 people were travelling on the boat, which ran into trouble shortly after leaving the Moroccan coastline. https://bit.ly/2q2pPmd

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