Daily World News Digest 29 November 2019

Missing persons in Nepal

Police in Nepal receive an average of 16 missing persons reports every day, according to the Kathmandu Post. The paper says most cases involve women or children and most are never solved. Since 2014, Nepal has recorded 38,349 cases, with only 9,160 being solved, though the paper notes that in many cases, police are not informed when a missing person reappears, which means there may be a higher number of solutions. https://bit.ly/2XUtHpU

Mexico: mothers call for action on missing migrants

Mothers of missing migrants from Central America will meet today with senior government officials in Mexico, including Under-Secretary for Human Rights Alejandro Encinas, Aristegui Noticias reports. One of the mothers pointed out that migrants “go missing in zones which are violent and controlled by organized crime, making it difficult to access” (original article in Spanish). https://bit.ly/37H4fsi

Turkey: missing person appears in police custody

AFP reports that Mustafa Yilmazes, one of six men who disappeared in Turkey eight months ago, allegedly because of links to the Gulen movement, has reappeared in police custody. Four of the six reappeared in custody in July. Amnesty International has called on Turkish authorities to investigate these “suspected enforced disappearances” and allow for fair trials. https://bit.ly/2Doq4z5

Mass grave of Irish Famine immigrants likely found in Montreal

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of between 12 and 15 people in Montreal, close to an Irish Famine memorial where 6,000 Great Hunger victims are thought to be buried, Irish Central reports. The archaeological dig at the site will continue for about another week. http://bit.ly/2DtOcjO

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