Daily World News Digest, 29 August 2017

Enforced disappearances in Bangladesh

The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) in Bangladesh has issued a report stating that at least 388 people have gone missing in Bangladesh since January 2009, with at least 60 disappearing in July 2017. More than 100 of the victims were members of the political opposition, and the ALRC maintains that law enforcement agencies, including the national police and the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have been responsible for enforced disappearances. http://bit.ly/2wFgRkf

Yezidi women rescued from Islamic State in Tal Afar, Iraq

The Kurdistan Region Office on Yazidi abductees reports that a 40-year old Yezidi woman and two Yezidi girls aged 19 and 14 have been released from their Islamic State captors in Tal Afar, north-west Iraq. The Kurdistan Region Government’s Endowments and Religious Affairs Ministry stated in July that Islamic State massacres of the Yezidi have forced nearly 360,000 to flee their homes while 6,417 have been kidnapped since 2014 and 43 mass graves discovered. The abductees include 1,102 women and 1,655 children. http://bit.ly/2vzP6pp

NGOs call for investigation into human rights abuses in Yemen

Human Rights Watch reports that 57 NGOs have sent a joint letter the UN Human Rights Council calling for an independent international inquiry into human rights violations in Yemen. The call has been made by national, regional and international organizations since 2015. At least seven million people face famine and hundreds of thousands are suffering from cholera. Both sides of the civil conflict are denying humanitarian aid to civilians. Other reported human rights abuses include unlawful airstrikes, use of explosive weapons with wide-scale effects, harassment and arbitrary detention of Yemeni activists and journalists and use of child soldiers. http://bit.ly/2wFvZhw

European leaders agree plan with African Union to curb migration flow

The migration summit in Paris on Monday concluded with an agreement between European and African leaders to increase border surveillance along migration routes and to provide economic aid to impoverished communities so as to offer alternative prospects to both migrants and people smugglers. Nearly 100,000 migrants have made the journey from Libya to Italy this year with at least 2,000 dying en route. In many cases migrants are West Africans, originating from Nigeria, Guinea and Ivory Coast and are treated as economic migrants upon arrival to Europe. French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that he wants asylum requests to be handled in Libya, Chad and Niger before arrival in Europe. http://bbc.in/2weiUum

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