Daily World News Digest, 28 March 2018

Spanish NGO personnel face jail for rescuing Libya refugees

The ship’s captain, head of the mission and operations officer of the Proactiva Open Arms NGO have been charged by judicial authorities in Sicily with people trafficking after they refused to transfer more than 200 people they had rescued, well beyond Libyan waters, to Libyan custody. The principle of “non-refoulement” means that refugees and migrants cannot be forced back to a place they are fleeing from. https://bit.ly/2E0BcQy

 Tunisia: Assembly votes to abolish human rights commission

Members of Tunisia’s parliament have voted not to renew the mandate of the Truth and Dignity Commission, which expires in May. Opponents say there was no quorum for a vote. Amnesty International urged legislators not to obstruct the commission’s extension. “It will be virtually impossible for the Truth and Dignity Commission to finalize its work in the next two months,” Amnesty said. “Parliamentarians are bound by law to respect the commission’s independent decision to extend its mandate.” The Commission has received more than 62,000 complaints and interviewed 50,000 plaintiffs since it was established in 2013. https://bit.ly/2I8kZLp

 Iraq: mass grave found north of Baghdad

Pro-government paramilitary troops say they have encountered a mass grave in Salahuddin Province, north of Baghdad. They say clothing and equipment found with the bodies suggest that they belong to Da’esh militants. https://bit.ly/2pMYjsK

 Pakistan: journalist abducted, family says

Shah Zaman, a journalist in the city of Tank in northeastern Pakistan, was abducted from his home on Monday, his family says. Zaman’s brothers said this is not the first abduction: he had recently returned after remaining in captivity for around a month and a half. The 2017 World Press Freedom Index, placed Pakistan among the most dangerous countries for journalists. https://bit.ly/2DZkwJ6

 Ukraine, bodies of 134 World War two victims given proper burial

The bodies of 134 victims killed between 1939 and 1941 in the west-Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk, have been re-buried in a mass grave. The bodies were discovered during road works in the summer of 2017. They were buried at a mass burial site of victims of Soviet killings. At least 524 local Polish and Ukrainian captives were shot by the NKVD and buried in several mass graves dug by the prisoners themselves in a small gorge outside of the city. https://bit.ly/2pQaMgf

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