Daily World News Digest, 28 February 2019

ICMP laboratory in The Hague delivers BIH identifications using new technology

The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) has submitted three new DNA match reports to the BIH Missing Persons Institute (MPI) using technology that is now being developed at ICMP’s laboratory in The Hague, FENA reports. The matches – which mean that three previously unidentified sets of human remains have been identified – were made possible by the hugely increased analytical power of next generation DNA technologies, known as Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS). http://bit.ly/2VjEhUS

Drug-related extrajudicial killings worldwide continue

According to a new report from Harm Reduction International (HRI), executions for drug offenses are on the wane worldwide, however anti-drug user violence continues across the globe Filter Magazine reports. Most notably, state-sanctioned extrajudicial killings of people suspected of using or trading drugs continue in the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte, and “a similar assault on people associated with drugs is happening in Bangladesh”. http://bit.ly/2BXoJ1P

Former Yezidi MP asks for DNA tests of Da’esh families

Viyan Dakhil, the former Iraqi MP has asked the Iraqi Government to conduct DNA tests among Da’esh families, the results of which will be presented to the Iraqi Government by the Syrian Democratic Forces as these are families of Da’esh leaders who enslaved Yezidi women and children, Lalish Duhok reports. According to Dakhil, the DNA tests will establish if children and women of these families are enslaved Yezidis. https://bit.ly/2IFLZHf

More Yezidis rescued

The Office for Rescuing Yezidis in Duhok has announced that it has rescued 20 enslaved Yezidis, mostly children since the start of the operation to capture the last Da’esh stronghold in the Eastern Euphrates, Lalish Duhok reports. (original article in Arabic) https://bit.ly/2Tk07tV

Taiwan commemorating victims of 1947 extrajudicial killings

Taiwan is commemorating victims of extrajudicial killings that occurred on 28 February 1947, with a number of cultural events in order to foster reconciliation, restore historical truths and deepen public understanding of the incident, Taiwan News reports. In the 1947 incident, protestors were killed during a military crackdown on dissent. http://bit.ly/2Ub8bdF

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