Daily World News Digest, 28 April 2017

Chile: 16 Military Officers from Pinochet’s “Caravan of Death”

Telesur reported on Thursday that a Chilean court has found a retired army general and 15 other former military officers guilty of murdering opponents of the Pinochet dictatorship in the 1970s. The officers were charged with 15 murders in 1973 through the Caravan of Death, a covert military unit. According to researchers at Diego Portales University, nearly 40,000 were tortured during the dictatorship and more than 3,000 were disappeared or killed. http://bit.ly/2pacvNt

EU skeptical over Libyan plan to stop migrant flow

Deutsche Welle reported on Thursday that EU officials are skeptical that Libya has a workable plan to prevent migrants departing from its coast for Europe. Tripoli has asked the EU to provide new equipment and boats for its coastguard. DW cites a confidential assessment prepared for EU defense ministers, who met for a second day on Thursday in Malta on security and defense cooperation, with Libya top of the agenda. The EU document warns that the Tripoli government needs a clearer strategy on how to detect and intercept people smugglers. http://bit.ly/2pFfWgn

Painting NGOs as migrant traffickers “is a lie”

Reuters reported on Thursday that Italy’s justice minister, Andrea Orlando, has said it is “a lie” to paint humanitarian ships saving migrants in the Mediterranean as criminals. Carmelo Zuccaro, the chief prosecutor of the Sicilian port city of Catania, has said he has evidence of phone calls between people smugglers and aid groups. However, he has not opened a criminal investigation or presented evidence. NGOs have categorically denied any wrongdoing, insisting that their only objective is to save lives. http://reut.rs/2oS5eiv

Bosnian Clerics Pray Together at Wartime Death Sites

Balkan Insight reported on Tuesday that Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish religious leaders had made a first joint visit to sites where war victims were massacred in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a bid to promote reconciliation. This was the first time that religious leaders from different faiths have jointly paid their respects to victims from each other’s ethnic groups. http://bit.ly/2p9qjWw

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