Daily World News Digest, 27 October 2017

India mulls legislation on DNA identification

The Law Commission of India has submitted recommendations to a parliamentary body reviewing proposed legislation and establish standard procedures for DNA testing in India. Recommendations include setting up a DNA profiling board and a DNA databank. The profiling board would lay down procedures and standards for establishing DNA laboratories. It would also frame guidelines for training police. The databank would store DNA profiles and maintain indices including a crime scene index, a suspects index, an offenders index, a missing persons index and an unknown deceased persons index. http://bit.ly/2zTMo0j

Enforced disappearances in Pakistan

Pakistan Senate’s Standing Committee on Human Rights has expressed severe concerns about the situation regarding missing persons. Senator Nasreen Jalil, chairing a meeting of the committee, said “another list of 131 missing persons has surfaced”. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has called for a detailed report on all missing persons detained at all government facilities. http://bit.ly/2y9x0zS

Mexico: reporting on enforced disappearance recognized

Accepting this year’s Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism, at the National Press Club in Washington, Marcos Vizcarra, who lives and works in Mexico’s violent northwestern state of Sinaloa, paid homage to the 11 journalists killed in Mexico this year and dozens more who died in recent years trying to report in the face of rampant corruption and violence. Vizcarra has focused his research and writing on the enforced disappearances of Mexican civilians, including the government’s failure to address the problem in a meaningful way. http://bit.ly/2iFvCOh

Bahrain: prisoners held incommunicado to face military court

A telecoms engineer who was taken into custody by security forces in Bahrain a year ago, will be among the first civilians to face a military court on terrorism-related charges under an April 2017 constitutional amendment, Human Rights Watch has said. Sayed Alawi’s whereabouts were unknown until a 22 October announcement by Bahrain’s official news agency that he, along with three others, was in military custody. Two other men, Mohamed Husain and Mohamed Abdulhassan, both arrested in late May following an assault by security forces in which 5 protesters were killed and 287 arrested, are also facing military trial. http://bit.ly/2i5WNy0

US imposes sanctions on North Korean officials over extrajudicial killings

The US has imposed sanctions on 10 North Korean officials over human rights abuses including extrajudicial killings, torture and rape. The officials include the commander of the Military Security Command, Jo Kyong-Chol, and the minister of labor, Jong Yong Su. The action blocks them from holding any US assets and prevents people in the US from having dealings with them. http://read.bi/2yOZ2QD

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