Daily World News Digest 27 November 2019

Accounting for the missing in Ukraine

Balkan Insight carries an in-depth story on the effort to account for those who have gone missing as a result of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Among other things, it notes that an August 2018 law on missing persons, which envisages the creation of a database to coordinate the use of information and provides for support for families of the missing, has not yet been implemented. https://bit.ly/2DnwxtS

Enforced disappearances in Egypt

A new report published by Amnesty International says the authorities in Egypt are using counter-terror legislation to prosecute opponents of the regime. Ot says this has led to “the arbitrary detention of thousands” and resulted in serious violations carried out by the police, including enforced disappearances. https://bit.ly/2OM7mXu

Myanmar: Court martial related to mass graves

Soldiers are being tried by a military court in Myanmar in relation to events connected with at least five mass graves in the village of Gu Dar Pyin in Rakhine State, the site of an alleged massacre of Rohingya, according to Al Jazeera. https://bit.ly/37DeAFD

UN builds case against militants accused of massacres in Iraq

Euronews reports that UN investigators are building cases against 160 Islamic State militants accused of massacres of Yezidis in northern Iraq in 2014. The investigative team created by the UN Security Council started work a year ago to collect and preserve evidence for future prosecution of acts by Islamic State in Iraq that may be war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide. https://bit.ly/34tJjDa


Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.