Daily World News Digest 27 August 2019

Mediterranean: missing migrants

In the first seven months of 2019, 823 people are believed to have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean en route to Europe, according to ReliefWeb, citing UNHCR’s latest monthly report. The majority of deaths took place in the Central Mediterranean where 574 people were believed to have died, 233 of which occurred in July. The ratio of deaths at sea compared to sea arrivals to Europe during the first seven months of 2019 was one death for every 45 arrivals to Europe compared to one death for every 39 arrivals in the same period during 2018. https://bit.ly/2MEZ5Wz

Nigeria: killings and disappearances

At least 14 people were killed and eight others kidnapped last week in Nigeria, All Africa reports, citing Boko Haram and others among the perpetrators. http://bit.ly/2KXwERs

Hundreds of Turkmen missing

According to new data, between 2014 and 2017, 1,300 Turkmen were enslaved by Da’esh and till now only 42 have been rescued, Ezidi 24 reported. It says the issue of missing Turkmen is not highlighted in Iraqi media and in the Turkmen community because of social stigma. Victims who have been rescued are living in difficult circumstances and have not received any support to restart their lives. (Original article in Arabic) http://bit.ly/2zlp5h7

Transitional justice in Africa

The African Union Commission (AUC) and the Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF) are holding a two-day meeting in Accra to explain AU transitional justice policy (AUTJ), Ghana Business News reports. The meeting, on 27 and 28 August, is the first of a series of regional meetings to disseminate the AUTJP. http://bit.ly/2U4Z8fg

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