Daily World News Digest, 27 April 2017

Cameroon criticized over journalist’s conviction

Amnesty International issued a statement today describing the conviction and sentencing of a journalist by a military court in Cameroon to 10 years in prison as “a travesty of justice”. Ahmed Abba, a journalist for Radio France Internationale’s Hausa service was sentenced following his conviction on 20 April on charges of “non-denunciation of terrorism” and “laundering of the proceeds of terrorist acts”. He was also fined 84,000 Euros. Since 2014 the Cameroonian authorities have arrested more than 1,000 people for allegedly supporting Boko Haram. Many have been held incommunicado and tortured in illegal detention facilities run by the military and or the secret services, Amnesty said. http://bit.ly/2p6oAmw

Botswana accused of ill-treating refugees

Mmegionline, a news portal from Botswana, reported on Wednesday that the country has been criticized for “flagrantly violating its international obligations toward refugees”. Morgan Moseki, an attorney who has recently represented scores of rejected asylum seekers and refugees, has raised the issue of migrants, including children, who were kept in permanent detention at a center for illegal Immigrants without being given any reason for their detention.  http://bit.ly/2povjJp

EU may supply Libyan coastguard with weapons

The Independent reported on Wednesday that the EU is considering giving ships armed with machine guns to the Libyan coastguard. The German parliament has been informed that a “list” of desired equipment, including diving suits, ambulances, communications equipment and night vision gear, is being considered by the European Commission. Libya’s latest request was revealed by a parliamentary question from the opposition Die Linke party, with broadcaster ARD reporting vessels equipped with machine guns are among a total of 130 boats of varying sizes and capacities that have been requested. http://ind.pn/2pj0t2q

Human rights violations prompt exodus from Ethiopia

LinkTV, a US news portal, reported yesterday from the Oromia region in Ethiopia, home to more than 25 million ethnic Oromos, which has been riven by unrest for months over land rights and allegations of human rights violations. Activists estimate thousands have left the country amid a security crackdown. Human Rights Watch estimates that 400 demonstrators were killed by security forces between November 2015 and June 2016 during protests. The government disputes the death toll. http://bit.ly/2qhA2cJ

Organ trafficking ‘booming’ in Lebanon as desperate Syrians sell kidneys

Reuters reported on Wednesday that the illegal organ trade is booming in Lebanon as desperate Syrian refugees resort to selling body parts to support themselves and their families. The article features a trafficker identified as Abu Jaafar based in Beirut, who says that in the last three years he has arranged the sale of organs from some 30 refugees, mostly kidneys. http://tmsnrt.rs/2q8Qzk2

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