Daily World News Digest, 26 May 2017

Libyan coastguard accused of firing on refugees

The Independent reported on Thursday that members of the EU-backed Libyan coastguard have allegedly opened fire while forcing refugees back to the war-torn country in the latest clash with international rescue ships. The incident occurred during the deadliest period recorded so far, as more than 30 migrants, including several toddlers and children, drowned in the Mediterranean. Tensions have been rising as the number of smugglers’ boats launched from Libya has risen to record levels with improving weather, seeing almost 60,000 people arrive in Italy so far this year and more than 1,500 killed attempting the world’s deadliest crossing. http://ind.pn/2qcHkD6

Nepal: politicians and military resist war-crimes investigations

The Mail Online carried a Reuters story yesterday stating that political parties and security forces in Nepal that are accused of war crimes during the country’s decade-long civil war are hampering efforts to bring justice to tens of thousands of victims and their families, according to a study published on Thursday. More than 17,000 people were killed and more than 1,300 went missing during the conflict between government forces and Maoist rebels in the Himalayan nation. http://dailym.ai/2r2yqFo

Missing children in Karnataka

Asianet Newsable published a video montage yesterday to mark International Missing Children’s Day. It highlights the plight of children who are missing and who are victims of crime. It notes that in Karnataka in Southern India, 2,456 girls have gone missing in the last four months. http://bit.ly/2s2t0tz

“First ever event to help find missing people in Texas”

Wfaa8, a news portal from Texas in the US, reported yesterday on the “Missing in North Texas” initiative, which asks families to provide information to help resolve long-term missing or unidentified persons cases. In Texas there are currently 950 unresolved missing persons cases, the article says. http://bit.ly/2r2vBUM 

NGOs call on Human Rights Council to address crisis in Ethiopia

Reliefweb published a letter on 26 May from NGOs to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC). The letter deals with the human rights crisis in Ethiopia, which will be discussed at the 35th HRC session from 6 to 23 June. “In the wake of unprecedented, mass protests that erupted in November 2015 in Oromia, Amhara, and the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples (SNNPR) regional states, Ethiopian authorities routinely responded to legitimate and largely peaceful expressions of dissent with excessive and unnecessary force,” the letter says. “As a result, over 800 protesters have been killed, thousands of political activists, human rights defenders, journalists and protesters have been arrested.” http://bit.ly/2roa8sD

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