Daily World News Digest, 26 March 2018

Identifying victims of the Da’esh occupation of Mosul

After taking control of Mosul in 2014, Da’esh militants disposed of the bodies of victims in a sinkhole, locally known as Khasfa. Before the Da’esh withdrawal from the area, the sinkhole was reportedly surrounded by explosives to prevent the recovery of the bodies. According to the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) the government has yet to set up a database of people who are presumed to have been killed by Da’esh in Mosul, making it impossible to identify the bodies in the grave. Without this preparatory work, there is little point in exhuming the corpses, experts say. https://bit.ly/2pHib0p

Iraq: mass grave found in Diyala

Iraqi security forces say they discovered a mass grave near a river in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad on Saturday and the remains of five people have been found. https://bit.ly/2pDkaTk

Syria: mass grave found in Afrin

A mass grave containing a total of 59 bodies of Free Syrian Army (FSA) members has been discovered in the Afrin region of northern Syria. https://bit.ly/2I4udIM

Ninety soldiers from Falklands War identified

Ninety Argentinian soldiers killed during the 1982 Falklands war with Britain have been identified following DNA analysis. In June 2017 a team of Argentinian and British forensic experts, spent a fortnight on the islands taking DNA samples. The samples were then matched with the relatives of missing soldiers. https://bit.ly/2GcZEQq

Pakistan: academics plea for missing persons

Around 100 renowned academics have signed a petition expressing grave concern over enforced disappearances and demanding the early recovery of abductees. As 116 enforced disappearances were reported in the month of February, the petition, addressed to the president, prime minister, chief justice and chief of the army staff, urges the authorities to stop enforced disappearance as a means of stifling dissent and narrowing the bounds of allowable speech in Pakistan. https://bit.ly/2pKxqFY

Afghanistan: bomb kills demonstrators

Afghan officials say a bomb that exploded in Kabul on Saturday near a site where Afghans are protesting in support of Pakistani Pashtuns in relation to an “encounter killing” by Pakistani police in Karachi,  killed one person and wounded 13 others. Protests began after the killing in January of 27-year-old Naqibullah Mehsud during what Pakistani police described as a raid on a “terrorist hideout” in eastern Karachi. https://bit.ly/2I33OuJ

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