Daily World News Digest, 26 July 2018

UN welcomes plan to account for missing persons from Spanish Civil War

UN News reports that a group of UN human rights experts has welcomed the new Spanish Government’s plan to establish a Truth Commission to investigate violations that occurred during the civil war and the Franco dictatorship. The Government has announced a series of initiatives to revise the Historical Memory Law, which would make it possible to create a new commission and a Directorate General for Historical Memory, which, among other things, will plan the search for missing people, publicize exhumation details and maintain an official list of victims. https://bit.ly/2LrvsI8

Laos: Hundreds missing after dam collapse

Following the collapse of a hydroelectric dam in southern Laos, TIME magazine reports on rescue efforts, including the search for hundreds of people who are still missing. https://ti.me/2OgWYpr

Egypt: US releases aid despite human rights concerns

PBS News Hour reports that the US, citing security and counterterrorism priorities, has released $195 million in military aid to Egypt after withholding assistance over human rights concerns in 2017. Human Rights Watch has voiced concerns over human rights violations in Egypt, including “torture, arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances to silence political dissent.” https://to.pbs.org/2uN0KyI

Tunisia: 40 migrants stranded off Tunisia

A group of 40 migrants, including two pregnant women, have been stranded at sea for 13 days. Refused entry by Malta, France, Italy and now Tunisia, the migrants “have become pawns in a much wider political game, as Europe seeks to increase pressure on north Africa to do more to control migrant routes that pass through its waters,” according to The Guardian. https://bit.ly/2OfLfHO

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