Daily World News Digest 26 August 2019

Prosecuting Da’esh members

An opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post highlights the need to prosecute Da’esh members for crimes, noting that few have been prosecuted and there have been no war-crimes trials of senior or mid-level Da’esh members. http://bit.ly/2MDcLRN

Ireland Calls for exhumation of Tuam mass grave

Survivors and relatives of people who died in the Tuam mother and baby home have accused the Government of denying them justice by failing to carry out a full exhumation of the site and failing to give the children dignified burials, The Irish Times reports. Annette McKay, whose older sister is one of the 796 “Tuam babies” says the only way to establish the truth about what happened in the home is for the site to be excavated. http://bit.ly/2ND4fSN

El Salvador: Military officers on trial for extrajudicial killings

Two ex-military officers will be prosecuted along with more than a dozen others for the 1981 El Mozote massacre, when nearly 1,000 rural dwellers were slain by soldiers, the Washington Post reports. Soldiers entered the area looking for guerrillas but killed civilians. In one mass grave, the remains of 136 children were found with an average age of six. https://wapo.st/2PfRsIb

UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar

The UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar says the country’s military “must stop using sexual and gender-based violence to terrorize and punish ethnic minorities”, Relief Web reports. The UN says Myanmar’s military has been responsible for “widespread and systematic killing of women and girls, the systematic selection of women and girls of reproductive ages for rape, attacks on pregnant women and on babies.” http://bit.ly/2L9w6Hi

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