Daily World News Digest, 25 September 2017

Dutch government challenges ruling on Srebrenica deaths

The Dutch government has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling finding it partially liable for the deaths of around 300 Bosniaks from Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia who were killed after being expelled from a Dutch UN peacekeepers’ base in July 1995. Lawyers representing the families of some of the victims say they will appeal to the Dutch Supreme Court, asking it to find the Netherlands liable for many more deaths. The ruling does not relate to the deaths of the rest of around 8,000 Bosniaks from Srebrenica who were killed by Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995 – a crime classified as genocide by international court decisions. http://bit.ly/2xUV7BU

Pakistan activists demand new law on enforced disappearances

Rights organizations in Pakistan have launched a nationwide campaign for the release of Punhal Sariyo, a prominent human rights activist, and are demanding the recovery of all missing persons in the country. The groups want a draft law against enforced disappearances that has been pending with the National Counterterrorism Authority since 2014 to be presented in parliament for approval. http://bit.ly/2yn74fy

Human Rights Watch: inadequate precautions by US-led coalition in Syria

Human Rights Watch has reported that two aerial attacks near Raqqa, Syria in March killed at least 84 civilians, including 30 children. HRW has expressed concern that US-led coalition forces fighting Da’esh did not take adequate precautions to minimize civilian casualties. It has called on the coalition to conduct thorough, prompt, and impartial investigations of the attacks, to do everything feasible to prevent similar attacks, and to provide compensation or condolence payments to people who suffered losses due to the coalition’s operations. http://bit.ly/2ftROK9

Syria opposition activist and daughter found dead in Istanbul

A senior Syrian opposition activist, Aroubeh Barakat, and her journalist daughter, Halla Barakat, have been found dead at their apartment in Istanbul. Aroubeh Barakat had carried out investigations into alleged torture in prisons run by the Assad regime. http://dailym.ai/2xk8Ktw

The Philippines rejects UN human rights recommendations

The Philippines has rejected 154 of 257 recommendations by the UN Human Rights Council. Most of the rejected recommendations pertain to investigating alleged extrajudicial killings, and halting the re-imposition of the death penalty and the lowering of the age of criminal liability. The Philippines has accepted the remaining 103 recommendations. http://bit.ly/2hqGOxE

Mass grave of 28 Hindus found in Myanmar

Myanmar’s army has reported that a mass grave of 28 Hindus has been discovered in Rakhine state, blaming the killings on Muslim Rohingya militants. The announcement could not be independently verified. Myanmar government spokesman Zaw Htay confirmed the discovery of the 28 bodies on Sunday. http://bit.ly/2fKe3Iz

Caritas to launch campaign on plight of migrants, refugees

Caritas Internationalis will launch a two-year campaign aimed at spreading awareness and strengthening the link between migrants, refugees and their host communities. The “Share the Journey” campaign seeks to educate communities on how to relate to migrants, to listen to their stories, and the reasons behind their journey. The campaign also aims to give a face to millions of people displaced by violence as they share their stories of difficulties and sacrifices. Pope Francis will launch the campaign in Rome on 27 September. http://bit.ly/2xuuAbm

Items in Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.