Daily World News Digest, 25 May 2018

Syria: 900 bodies exhumed from mass graves in Raqqa

A special unit under the Raqqa Reconstruction Committee that was founded after the liberation of the city from Dae’sh, has put much effort into establishing mass graves in the city and exhuming dead bodies. As part of these efforts, 900 bodies have been exhumed from mass graves so far. https://bit.ly/2KSuorP

Over 1,000 migrant children are missing in the US

Almost 1,500 migrant children are unaccounted for after being placed with sponsors by the Department of Health and Human Services, according to a top HHS official’s testimony on Thursday the New York Times reports. There have been problems before with migrant children being handed over to human traffickers, and that concern has been raised with this number of kids missing. https://bit.ly/2s7Xiwk

Pakistan: protest against enforced disappearances intensifies

Activists of human rights organizations, members of civil society and nationalist parties on Thursday took out rallies and observed hunger strike in protest against ‘enforced disappearances’ in Pakistan’s southeast province of Sindh. Activists of civil society organizations and general public observed a hunger strike for 72 hours under the aegis of Youth Action Com­mittee (YAC) in protest against 146 ‘missing persons’ of Sindh. https://bit.ly/2x6HRKG

UN’s seven human rights recommendations for Bangladesh

In mid-May, the Human Rights Council, a United Nations body, met with all member nations to discuss their human rights situation in Bangladesh. The country was given recommendations by other states on how to improve the human rights scenario. Recommendation were reflecting on following issues: torture, marital rape, enforced disappearance, LGBTI rights, defamation and freedom of expression, abolition of death penalty and labor rights. https://bit.ly/2kmR9cf

National Missing Children’s day in US, state of Michigan

As many as 1,100 Michigan children go missing each week, involuntarily or otherwise. The Michigan State Police (MSP) Missing Persons Unit is joining efforts to raise awareness by recognizing National Missing Children’s Day on Friday, May 25, 2018. Earlier this month the 8th annual “Missing in Michigan” event was held, where nine DNA samples were collected from donating families, which will be added to the National CODIS database to help connect the missing to unidentified remains throughout the country. https://bit.ly/2INBayD

Possible creation of commission of crimes against humanity in Venezuela

After third report on the situation in Venezuela, published on July 19, 2017, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) where it was stated that there was “evidence that points to the systematic, tactical and strategic use of murder, imprisonment, torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence, as tools to terrorize the Venezuelan people…” which could constitute crimes against humanity it was concluded that further investigation is needed in order to bring the attention of International Criminal Court to this matter. The information obtained during last year through the public hearings and by the process conducted by the General Secretariat of OAS will be received and reviewed by the Panel of Independent International Experts that will issue a report and possibly give a recommendation for creation of a commission. https://bit.ly/2J5SCSo

 Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.